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Procrastination Doesn’t Draw Comics (Who Knew?)

Ever had a great idea and perfectly laid plan? Me, too!


This was the first comic strip I ever drew, dated almost one year ago (June 22. 2014). Wow, how time flies!

Well, we know what they say about the best laid plans. I had intended to write and draw Dog and Baby to cover a particular time period, but I hit a point in the drawing where I felt completely incompetent. Boom. It was a wall, and it came up pretty fast.

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Extreme Pancakes!

A few days after starting our adventure with extreme crock-potting, we were picking up a few items from the grocery store.  When we got to the car, Ash unfortunately dropped the egg carton. What were we going to do with a dozen cracked eggs?

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Extreme Crock Pot Freezing

What’s for dinner? Good question. As we continue to maximize our budget and improve our nutrition we are really trying to stick with homemade lunches and dinners. After a couple of weeks though, I’m pretty burnt out from planning a new meal each night at the last minute, multiple grocery store trips, and the never-ending dirty dishes. I’ve seen this idea floating around on Facebook and other blogs, and it seemed like the answer to all of our problems! But is it?

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Upcoming Lineup

THOUGHT tamales is in the process of revamping! We’ve been a little absent from the internet, but the time away has only increased our appetite for creating interesting articles and stories to share. What’s coming up, you might be wondering? Let me tell you what’s cooking:

We’re acquiring filming and recording equipment. Nothing too fancy, but nice enough to get the job done. We’ve been writing and rewriting story ideas and we’re eager to start working on them. We’re also helping produce scripts others have written.   Upcoming Projects: Short Film “Silver Angel”

We’re going to finish the +50 article topics that are sitting in drafts. Okay, maybe not all of them will survive the freezer burn, but some of them are still worth reheating.  Upcoming topic: Houston Landmarks: Behind the Name

Speaking of ideas laying around half finished… We’re also defrosting some fiction, as well as creating new stories. (NaNoRiMo deserves a special thanks for this one. I’m never anywhere close to 50k words, but I feel like I’ve come up with that many storylines…)   Upcoming Projects: “The Seer and the Child: An Interactive Story”

And, we need more graphics and art! We’re collaborating with 5th Story Design for logos, other graphics, layout designs, and photos, as well as bouncing ideas around for comics and illustration.   Upcoming Strip: Dog and Baby

So, that’s the scoop. We hope you like it!