The Standing Office

Many Americans sit for a vast majority of their waking hours. I definitely fell (sat?)  in that category, until a few months ago when I decided to do something about it.

Those things you sit in

If you’re anything like me, and odds are good that you are; in a given week you spend 35 hours working a desk job, sitting; 14 hours (or way more) driving a car, sitting; and 10 more hours at meals, sitting. If you’re close to the average American, then there’s 30 more hours per week watching TV… you guessed it, sitting.

That’s a little over half of all the hours in a week. Not waking hours; all 168 of ’em. For waking hours, it’s closer to 75% (depending on how much sleep you actually get). That’s 85 hours in a seat on average, and there’s plenty who sit for more than that.

I can’t stand up while I drive to work (wouldn’t that be awesome though?!) or when I go to the movies or when I eat dinner. So I changed the one significant remainder; when I’m on the computer at work and at home.

Of course, I didn’t have all those statistics a few months ago when I started all this; just a mysteriously tweaked back muscle and the nagging thought that I was sitting more than I liked, and that it should change…

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