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Seth’s Blog: An alternative to believing in yourself

Do worthwhile work, look at it, then believe that you can do it again.

via Seth’s Blog: An alternative to believing in yourself.


Link: How Craft Beer Might Save the World

The much decried Millennial generation was raised with the foolish notion that what they do should matter. Many sit disillusioned by desk jobs that their parents would have blissfully embraced, lamenting the slow, corporate death of their dreams to change the world, if only in a small way. The psychological underpinnings of our generation may be misguided, unrealistic, possibly naive, but it’s too late to throw the car in reverse. What has been instilled cannot be uninstilled.

via The Caped Brewsader: How Craft Beer Might Save the World | Literature and Libation.

Link: Civic Crowdfunding

Here are four things I found out about civic crowdfunding.

1. Civic crowdfunding is small-scale but relatively successful, and it has big ambitions.

2. Civic crowdfunding started as a hobby for green space projects by local non-profits, but larger organizations are getting involved.

3. Civic crowdfunding is concentrated in cities (especially those where platforms are based).

4 Civic crowdfunding has the same highly unequal distributional tendencies as other crowd markets.


via Civic Crowdfunding – Four Things We Know, Two Things We Don’t.

Link: Memories from the Architectural Studio

I recall one jury in particular from my sophomore year watching one of my classmates walk up to her drawings that were pinned on the wall and prepare to present her work. Before she could open her mouth and utter a single word, one of the jurors – a professor at the university – stood up, walked over to her design and said:

“Let me show you where you f*cked this up”

via Memories from the Architectural Studio | Life of an Architect.