The Team

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Tamales! Thought Tamales! Delicious, rolled-up thoughts. Yum!

Our Goal

Our goal is to have fun, and share it with other people.

Whether it’s through comics, funny videos, creative writing, or the occasional serious research article.

We would love to invite others to contribute to the tamale-making party that is our website. Contact us if you want to write articles, make videos, or draw comics with us!

Started in Spring 2012, as a place to share our thinking and tinkering. It’s since grown into so much more.


About Our Authors

Jess Jackson graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Mathematics. Her random thoughts generally cause aimless research and over-contemplation. She loves investigating problems, testing solutions, and sleeping. Not necessarily in that order. Rumor has it the comic “Dog and Baby” is autobiographical, but thus far it is unconfirmed.

Ash Jackson is a licensed Architect who dreams of a living in a walkable town someday. Bonus if he gets to build it. He’s a former contributor over at the Ralphie Report, a sports blog covering his school, the University of Colorado in Boulder (Go Buffs!). He loves to tinker with anything and everything, and as a result, he is very good at building Ikea furniture.


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Delicious, rolled up thoughts. Yum!

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