Week Three: Leafy Greens and Long Beans

Week Three of the Vegetable Adventure is here! What goodies are in the bag this week? Let’s find out.


I mentioned in Week One that  I really hoped there were some repeats, and thankfully, that’s exactly what we got this time around.

It might be surprising, but trying to come up with ways to cook and eat (and blog) a bunch of food I’m not familiar with has taken up approximately 93% of my creative power. The new veggies aren’t that labor-intensive, so I should have some downtime this coming week to write about something that isn’t food.

Doing this program, I was initially interested in it’s affordability. Would we end up spending too much for veggies? This farm share program costs about us $27 per week, and though I still don’t have a way to compare it to buying veggies at the grocery store, I can compare our grocery spending month-to-month.

Yesterday was the start of a new month, so it was budget check-in day. Our July grocery expenditures were slightly less than in June and previous months, and I know we ate more vegetables. Given those two positive results I’m inclined to call it a win, but we’ll see how August goes!

New for Week Three:

  • Large leafy greens – I don’t know what it is, but I know I’m gonna eat it.
  • A sweet-smelling melon/squash – The sweet smell is overpowering my fridge, and it’s almost like a cantalope smell. Perhaps it is one. (Having cut into it, I will confirm it is cantalope! And it is delicious.)

Repeats from Week One:

  • Yard Long Beans – They tasted great sauteed in butter!
  • Cucumbers – Four small cucumbers, and again, there’s only three pictured because we already sliced one up and ate it. The flavor is really good!
  • Spinach – Also from Week Two. I love this leafy green!
  • Sweet potato greens – These had a nice flavor to them, so I’ll probably use the recipe from before.

Repeats from Week Two:

  • Arugula – It seems a little more spicy than last week (was it actually arugula last week? I don’t even know.) Someone told me they grow a variety called Astro Arugula with a spicy flavor. So maybe it’s that!

Whew, this should be an easy week.


What do YOU think?

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