Extreme Pancakes!

A few days after starting our adventure with extreme crock-potting, we were picking up a few items from the grocery store.  When we got to the car, Ash unfortunately dropped the egg carton. What were we going to do with a dozen cracked eggs?

Enter: Extreme Pancaking!

On the drive home, we decided to make use of them somehow. But what uses eggs, other than, eggs? I guess we had made pancakes sometime in recent memory, because it was the only thing we could think to make. Maybe this would be an accidental amazing idea! They’d be kind of like Eggo-Waffles, except pancakes. We could just pop them in the toaster, right?

So we sorted through the dozen for the eggs that were completely smashed and make a huge batch of pancakes, with the intent to freeze them. We made three stacks; plain, pecan, and chocolate chip.

We had the best of intentions, honestly. I’m not saying we ate most of them before we could get them in the freezer…

…but that’s only because my mouth is full of pancake at the moment.


What do YOU think?

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