Extreme Crock Pot Freezing

What’s for dinner? Good question. As we continue to maximize our budget and improve our nutrition we are really trying to stick with homemade lunches and dinners. After a couple of weeks though, I’m pretty burnt out from planning a new meal each night at the last minute, multiple grocery store trips, and the never-ending dirty dishes. I’ve seen this idea floating around on Facebook and other blogs, and it seemed like the answer to all of our problems! But is it?

Make 15 meals in one afternoon. That’s easy, right?

15 meals is actually more like semi-extreme. There are many out there that do 40 in one afternoon. I picked a recipe list at random, which I admit wasn’t the best way to start out on this adventure, but I was operating under the premise that something-done-poorly was better than not-done-at-all. It’s not my usual inclination, but everybody starts somewhere right? Off to the store we went.

The shopping list given was missing ingredients, was a little vague, and the idea of buying so much meat in one trip was too much for my brain to process. Once we selected the pork and chicken I didn’t have any mental power left for beef. (Insert a sad-faced husband here.) We grabbed a couple of pounds of ground beef, but that wasn’t on the list.  We both started to think it was a giant mistake, but we were going to finish it! It was hard to buy so much in one trip, but it wasn’t nearly as pricey as I was expecting. About $100 for all the ingredients pictured.

We’re done with the hard part, right?

Nope. Now we had about fifteen pounds of raw meat, five pounds of potatoes, three pounds of onions, and so on, sitting on the counter. Washing, peeling, chopping, and slicing commenced. It was only when I started writing out the labels on the Ziploc bags that I realized we forgot to adjust the remainder of the shopping list to exclude the beef recipes. Oops. “I don’t know, throw some potatoes in it?” Sure, why not? “Will this even fit in the crockpot?” Nope, I guess it’s going in the oven instead? We easily spent three hours completing it all (though we did take a break in the middle for some homemade pizza) and it was exhausting.


All said and done, was it worth the time and hassle?

Due to dropping the beef recipes, we only made twelve meals, some of which have an uncalled for amount of potatoes, but we still have twelve prepared meals. The math comes out to 15 minutes of prep for each one.

As I was writing the first draft of this post, I had a pork loin with carrots, potatoes, and onions baking in the oven. As I’m completing this post, there’s chicken and mushrooms in the crockpot, awaiting some cheddar cheese and broccoli in a few hours. The extra time during the week is invaluable. This project was definitely a success and who knows, we just might make it to the beef next month.


Try it yourself!

Here’s the recipe list we used (double-check the list): Mama Inspired: Mass Crock Pot Dinners
And here’s a ton more: Money Saving Mom – Crockpot Meals


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