Train Engine Eggs - THOUGHTtamales

Train Engine Eggs

Train Engine Eggs - THOUGHTtamales

I was starting to cook eggs for breakfast this morning when a new thought occurred to me. I wanted to fry an egg, but I wanted it to fit neatly onto an English muffin. If only I had something circular, something that could hold the egg together as it cooked…what about cookie cutters?! I dug through my baking supplies and found two train engine cookie cutters. Yes, that would do quite nicely.

Train Engine Eggs Recipe

2 large eggs
1 English muffin, split in half
A little butter

2 metal cookie cutters, preferably in the shape of a train
1 pair of tongs, or some other tool for lifting hot metal cookie cutters out of a frying pan

Total time 20-25 minutes; Makes 2 servings

I started by heating the pan on 4 (out of 10), then thought that was too high, and moved it down to 3. I put in a little butter to grease the pan, and put the first cookie cutter in. I used a nonstick frying pan, so I was careful not to drag the cookie cutter across the surface. (As the egg was dropped into the cutter, egg white seeped underneath the edge a little bit and created a barrier.)

I forgot to grease the first cookie cutter, which made it a little hard for the egg to release from the sides. I remembered to do it on the second one, and the outline of the train was better defined.

I put one egg into the first cookie cutter. I was unsure of what would happen, so I waited before starting the second one. When the first egg was mostly cooked and ready to flip, I realized I had no idea how to lift it out of the pan. I spent a minute or two searching the kitchen for something I thought might work.

Things that didn’t work: Bare fingers, pot holders, folded paper towels
Things that did work: Metal tongs

Train Engine Eggs - THOUGHTtamales

Success! Using the tongs, I lifted it about a half an inch up and used a butter knife to gently pry the egg from the sides. The egg fell back down to the pan. I flipped it with a spatula and let it cook the other side. Then I repeated these steps for the second egg. The egg whites weren’t burned and the yolk was cooked through, unlike my usual attempt at fried eggs. And the best part, of course, is that they were in the shape of a train engine.

When they were done, I put them on one half of an English muffin, poured some pecan coffee, and declared breakfast ready!

Train Engine Eggs - THOUGHTtamales


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