Discussion: Is Your Pet On Your Diet?

Discussion: Special Diets, Do They Extend to Your Pets?

If you’re a Vegan, on the Paleo diet, or a junk food lover, does that determine what you feed your animals? If you’ve just converted to a new way of eating, have you changed what your pets eat?

Recently, I was reading up on different human diets, and wondered if people extend those diets to their animal friends.

Reasons that people choose their diets seem to fall into one of three categories:

  1. Weight loss/Health – We want to lose weight/be healthy, and we think this diet will achieve that goal
  2. Philosophical belief – We believe in something that may or may not be food-related and show support by altering what we eat
  3. Easily accessible – When we’re hungry, we want delicious food, and we want it sooner rather than later

And, of course, people tend to overlap their reasons, because who doesn’t want their diet to be a triple-threat of Easy, Healthy, and Mentally Fulfilling?

So, what do you feed your pet, and does it differ dramatically from what you eat?


One thought on “Discussion: Is Your Pet On Your Diet?”

  1. Personally, I’m aiming for healthy and efficient, while struggling with accessibility. Translation: I love cooking fresh food at home, but I keep forgetting to go to the grocery store, which leads me to fast-food. I guess I have a diet of convenience. We have always fed our dogs dry food, usually of whatever variety they didn’t throw up…but I will only buy dog bones made in the USA. HEB has Good Buddy bones that Radar loves.

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